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Welcome to Hageneder Medizintechnik!

Since 1998 our company has been dealing with the production and development of user-friendly and environmentally friendly disposal systems of medical liquids.

Our mission statement: Continuous improvement of our disposal systems and focus on the needs of our customers.

By development of the dialysat-disposal system DIA-jet® for automatic peritoneal dialysis in 1999, we have set a milestone in terms of patient- and user-friendliness. First time home dialysis patients were enabled to dispose even larger amounts of liquids by themselves, easily and without assistance.

Our systems are reusable products, so we also make a significant contribution to the preservation of our environment. For this commitment we got the „Upper Austrian Environmental Protection Award“ in the year 2000. The largest part of the electric power we need is produced by our photovoltaik power plant.

By introducing the quality management system ISO 9001 & 13485 to our company, we have continued our way towards consistent quality control and continuous improvement of our systems.

The use of the HF-box® in intensive care units enables a user- and environmentally friendly disposal of large amounts of filtration solutions of the hemofiltration.

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